Aaron Senghera

Aaron is a young and energetic real estate professional that loves to connect with his clients on a personal basis. His focus is on developing relationships with his clients and ensuring that their needs are the main focus and that they are being taken care of. His main area of focus is on single-family residents and strata properties.

Aaron has a background in sports journalism and written a vast amount of articles which have been published on popular sports news websites throughout the world. Growing up Aaron’s family was full of tradesman specializing in areas of plumbing, renovating and home building. This is the same reason why Aaron is a real estate agent as his family background has fuelled his passion for the industry and gives him the ability to provide his clients with knowledge in these key areas.

Other than real estate Aaron has a passion for sports and living a healthy lifestyle. He also has a passion for helping others which are displayed through his philanthropy work of giving back to the local communities.


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