Ray Dich

Personal Real Estate Corporation

My passion for real estate began with the goal of financial freedom, wanting more time to connect with people, and living the life of my dreams while someday raising a family.

Through building my own real estate portfolio, it has given me opportunities to learn the ins and outs of Vancouver Real Estate.

My belief is that the investment in one’s own home will also have a massive improvement on one’s inner personal and financial wealth.

I especially enjoy helping clients transition from the sale of one property to purchasing another. The stakes of orchestrating a perfectly executed plan are high. I pride myself on creating solutions for people because I know how much it enhances their lives when they come out ahead.

I am blessed to experience the windfall effects Vancouver’s growth cycle can have on one’s health, wealth and happiness. It’s my life’s work to share this with others and help them achieve the same results or better.

I would be happy to chat about your plans over coffee.